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Kitto Family - A History of Farming

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Then and Now


Ian Kitto Harvesting 1967 Cunderdin Western Australia

The Kitto family have been farming for over 100 years, specialising in Australian Sweet Lupin for the past 35 years.

We passionately believe Australian Sweet Lupin offers nutritional benefits to consumers that help improve health and wellbeing. Scientific research supports this, as does our own experience of using lupin in a variety of foods to the past 10 years.

Our family’s cropping experience, knowledge of lupin, passion for health and entrepreneurial spirit have combined to bring consumers some amazing new products that are healthy with great sensory appeal.

The Family Tradition

Robert & Ian Kitto Working Together in 2014

Farming has been in the Kitto family for generations. It all started in the 1600’s in Cornwall (England) where the family leased & farmed land.

1848 was the first of many moves for improvement and prosperity for the family, when James & Jenifer Kitto migrated with their children to Australia. 1850 saw the Kitto family’s first purchase of land to farm wheat in South Australia. This continued through the generations, land ownership traditionally passing on to sons.

Adams was a 3rd generation Kitto in Australia & after finishing his schooling, went to work for his uncle as a Baker in Balaklava (S.A.)

In 1903, Adams took his family on the long & uncertain journey to Western Australia, joining an uncle who was farming there. Adams and his family were pioneers of the Cunderdin (W.A.) district.

Farming is strong in the genes as 4th generation Lloyd Kitto, took over the family farm in Cunderdin following the death of his father. Lloyd expanded into Bencubbin (W.A.) and continued farming the land until his own death; where his first son Ian, continued the tradition.

Six Generations of Farming

Harvest Process at Erangy Springs Farm in the Midwest of Western Australia 2013

The Kitto family has a strong belief in innovation by embracing new farming techniques to improve yields, ensuring sustainability for future generations. This is one of the reasons why Ian moved his family to the Midwest Region of WA; a more reliable rainfall area. This is where the Kitto family farms today.

Ian started farming Lupins in 1980. The growing conditions in the Midwest being deep free draining soils and Mediterranean style winters are perfect for Lupin growth.

Today, 6th generation farmer, Robert with his wife Tanya and their 4 children farm the 8,000ha family holding alongside parents Ian and Wendy.

Robert and Tanya are expanding the business of IL KITTO & Co establishing Golden West Foods to manage the provision and wholesale of raw Lupin products, plus bulk supply of Lupin products for food service. They have also developed a highly nutritious range of everyday foods under the brand My Provincial Kitchen, for retail sales of products containing Lupin.

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