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Care and Control

The Key to Quality

Golden West Foods takes great care to ensure every aspect of our Lupin production process is closely controlled to ensure the highest quality products

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Care and Control - Lupin Technology - Golden West Foods


Golden West Foods has worked closely with Australian food technologists and scientists to formulate and deliver high quality nutritious products.

Vertical Integration

By vertically integrating the farm, the processing facility and the marketing arms of the group, we are ensuring reliability in supply and maintenance of high standards ensuring a sustainable and bright Lupin future.

Care and Control - Vertical Integration Production - Golden West Foods
Care and Control - Nutrition Values - Golden West Foods


We are committed to providing high quality nutritious Australian Sweet Lupin to the world. We have made a commitment to establish the first Government approved ASL processing facility for food for human consumption in Australia. The facility will be on the Kitto farm.


You can count on us to deliver high quality, on time, every time. The Kitto family ASL yields are consistently in the top 5% in Australia.

Australian Sweet Lupins
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